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Netvalue |ted [DOT] schmidt [AT] netvalue [DOT] nz |Ph: 07 859 1007

NetValue is a software development and consultancy business that specialises in software solutions that deliver ‘Better Business’.

 Your business success is our goal, and achieving that is done by carefully planning, integrating, and deploying both custom software solutions and best of breed business software applications.

 At the heart of many business system solutions is a Customer Relationship Management system, and at NetValue we can provide you with a selection of CRM solutions to best fit your business or organisation. The choice of CRM will be a result of a number of important business factors ranging from size and reach of the organisation through to what level of customisation it may need, and how it will integrate with existing business software applications.

 To learn more about what CRM or other software solution could work best for you please contact us for no obligation business software assessment.

 NetValue is a registered SugarCRM partner.


Convergence |Ph: 0800-CONVERGENCE [266837]

Convergence build custom integration solutions to link Infusion to eCommerce websites and other applications or systems. 

We have helped many companies streamline their business processes through integration saving them time and money in the process. Whether its synchronising product information, including instant price updates, dynamic stock levels, images etc. from Infusion to your website or bringing online sales transactions down from your website to your financial accounts and/or immediately printing orders for more streamlined fulfilment - we can help.

Integration is a specialist activity and typically not something your web designer or accountant will be able to cover. That's why we have built a specific practice around solving this challenging problem for New Zealand and Australian businesses using Infusion. Use our Online Return on Investment Calculator to see how much you can save through integration and just how quickly it will pay for itself.

Convergence also offer a FREE Integration Assessment, which takes you through a structured review of your unique circumstances, environment and requirements and provides you with a no-obligation assessment of how to best go about integration in your business.

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Shard Web Design |annemarie [AT] shardwebdesign [DOT] co [DOT] nz |Ph: 03 928 1051

We work with people just like you who are looking to sell their products online and grow their business. We are a friendly Christchurch based team who have over 13 years of experience in listening to our customers' needs and creating custom solutions that benefit their business. We have a full-time website usability expert on staff ensuring your online sales process is flawless. We are experts at creating upsell and cross-sell opportunities, allowing you to gain more profit with each online sale.

We specialise in removing manual barriers which hinder business growth and profit. We can integrate your website into Infusion as well as a secure payment gateway, courier tracking system, and your suppliers systems (where applicable). Doing so streamlines your business and frees up valuable time for you and your staff to focus on profit and growth. Everything that we create using Microsoft technologies is 100% original and tailored to your exact needs. Feel free to have a chat with us if you would like to know more about how our experience can benefit your business.

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Zeald |Ph: 0508 932 748

Zeald is a full-service website design company, passionate about designing and developing websites that are easy to manage, grow with your business, and generate results.

We have designed and developed websites for thousands of small to medium businesses since 2001; our team are specialists in innovative website design and eCommerce websites.

We focus on helping people realise their business dream; we don’t just concentrate on technical solutions, but take a holistic approach, centred on how online sales and marketing tools fit into your business journey. Our unique approach to web design and development incorporates significant aspects of website planning and strategy, so that you can produce measurable results for your business.

Learn why more New Zealand business owners choose Zeald over any other web design company ...


Datadog |paul [AT] datadog [DOT] co [DOT] nz |Ph: 0800 328 236

We are leading e-commerce Web Designers who are experts at building amazing websites for businesses throughout New Zealand. We believe we have the best value for money, feature rich Ecommerce solution that is available in New Zealand. We build fully customised Ecommerce websites which integrate automatically with Infusion. We provide unique solutions – including how you have set up Infusion.

Your website design will be created by professionals based in New Zealand developed from the ground up to reflect your business. We don't use templates or open source code and we are not reliant on third party solutions for integrating with Infusion, which means there are less parties involved and no limitations. We have developed our own software code (built on Microsoft technologies), that we can fully customise to the nth degree to build you a website that will function exactly how you need it to. Call us today for a no obligation discussion.

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Polychrome |sales [AT] polychromenz [DOT] com |Ph: 09 282 3326

Polychrome specialises in developing custom software solutions that meet the needs of your business. Having developed bespoke invoicing front ends for Infusion and lots of experience developing EDI, b2b and stock management systems.

Certified Microsoft software developer with over 25 years’ experience.

I look to foster great relationships with all of my customers and pride myself on both the quality of my work and my ability to communicate well with clients. I offer fixed priced development and free quotations so you always know what it’s going to cost.  I take the risk out of custom software development.

Let me solve your next big business problem.

Polychrome – Simple Solutions for Complex problems

EFT POS Solutions


DPS Payment Express |sales [AT] paymentexpress [DOT] co [DOT] nz |Ph: 0800 729 6868


Payment Express is the leading EFTPOS solution that integrates with most major point of sales systems.  If you have PC at point of sale, it’s a small step to add integrated EFTPOS which then links your PC to an EFTPOS PINpad.  Payment Express offers significant cost savings and value adding features that no other device can, it exceeds all global security standards and future proofs against any new mandates.    

With over 10 years experience providing integrated EFTPOS and payment solutions to the largest and most complex customers globally, and complying with local and international standards including: PCI PA DSS, PCI PED, PCI PTS, PCI DSS, PIN bypass, EMV (online and offline), 3DES, EME, RKI and unique keys per transaction, Payment Express is the logical choice for your Integrated EFTPOS.


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EFTCO |enquiries [AT] eftco [DOT] co [DOT] nz |Ph: 0800 180 180

Eftco is a specialist eftpos and payments solutions provider. We are part of the trusted Paymark Accredited Network and dedicated to providing the right solution for our customers. We supply and support simple single site operations to complex integrated solutions. For large multi-site organisations requiring specialised fleet management and reporting, bespoke solutions are our specialty.