Use it in the office

computer desktop pcDesktop and Mobile

Even though Infusion Mobile has been designed to work on mobile devices, it can just as easily be used on the computers in the office or at home.

You can use your office computers to create jobs, do customer enquiries, process invoices, process quotes and receive credit card payments. In fact, you can use all of Infusion Mobile’s features on any computer that has internet access.


Very cost effectivecloud300

Infusion Mobile doesn’t use up any of the licensed users in your accounting software.

It is a very cost effective way to give reps access to your accounting data without needing to give them access to your financial data or needing to purchase additional licenses for your accounting software.

mobile devicesSwap devices at will

You can swap between your mobile devices, your office computer and back to your mobile devices as often as you wish. Your data will be instantly available on all of your devices and browsers.

You don’t need to sync your devices to stay up to date. You can even use your iPad, your iPhone and laptop at the same time.