No more printed lists

Cust2Customer details on the road

Infusion Mobile allows you to access important customer information when you are out and about. View names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, customer balances, account references, notes, contacts, historical invoices and sales rep codes.

Live updates

Our unique syncing process allows you to make changes on your mobile device and to have the changes reflected in your Infusion software without having to return to the office. You can even allow sales reps to create new customers in the field (optional)

invoice iconInvoice history

Having mobile access to historical invoices will ensure that your sales reps are well informed and significantly more efficient. They can view previous orders and outstanding invoices at any time without having to login to your accounting software.

You can imagine the benefits of knowing what a customer has ordered in the past. We are not just talking about simple invoice totals. Infusion Mobile allows you to view invoices right down to the line items and narrations that make them up.