Installing Infusion Mobile

Welcome to the setup page for Infusion Mobile.

The instructions on this page will help you install the synchronization tool for your Infusion Business Software.

Select a machine to install the software onto

networkBefore downloading the software, you will need to select the machine that you wish to install the Infusion Mobile syncing service onto.

The best machine is often the one that your Infusion Business Software data and images are stored on. In most businesses, this would be a file server of some sort and would normally be turned on all of the time.

It is best to log in as your Windows system administrator to install the syncing software. If you do this, the synchronization service is able to continue running in the background – even when you are logged out of the computer or someone else is using the machine.

Download and install software

install iconOnce you have decided which computer you are going to install the software onto, you are ready to install the syncing tool.

Download the installation program by using the following link:
Infusion Mobile Sync Tool download

Save the installer onto your desktop or in your normal downloads folder.

Once you have downloaded the installer, right click the file and “Run as Administrator”.

Note : When you are asked where you wish to install the application, make sure that you select a local disk drive. Because the program runs as an unattended Windows service, it will not run from a mapped network drive.

Configure Software

Use the Windows "Start" menu to run the Infusion Mobile configuration program (The icon can be found in the Infusionmobile section of the "All Programs" menu)


Please Note : Your screen layout may be slightly different – but the field names will be the same.

The settings that you need for this screen are in the original email you received when you first signed up for Infusion Mobile. The details are near the end of the email. An example is shown below.

Web Driver: Infusion Mobile
Login: yourserver
Password: AbCDefg12
API Key: a6fb139ae71a18bac38c885d

Please refer to your email for the details you need for your own service. (Do not use the details shown above – they are only an example) Your password will be case sensitive – so please make sure you enter it correctly.

Once you have entered these details, you will need to select your Infusion Data folder and your Image folder. The image folders are optional.

If you are not intending to show images to your Customers or you are only trialling the service, it is recommended that you leave the image folder fields blank. This will save you a significant amount of upload traffic and will allow you to see your test data without waiting for all the images to upload on the first sync.

You can always come back and add the Image folders later. The images will be uploaded on the next sync.

Enabling the Infusion Gateway

Infusion Mobile uses a file that is normally installed and enabled with your original Infusion Business Software. This file is used to create orders and Jobs in your accounting software.

If you see the following message when you run Infusion Mobile or press the "Sync Now" button, it means that the Gateway is not enabled in your version of Infusion and it will need to be activated to enable writing into Infusion.


This can be easily resolved. For detailed instructions please view our page dedicated to explaining how to register the missing dll file.

If you are trialing the software, you can skip this step for now. Infusion Mobile will still be able to read your accounting data. You will also be able to try the Ordering and Job features in the mobile app. You just won't be able to write the Orders or Jobs back into your accounting software until it is enabled. Effectively the data will be "read-only".

What's next?

Now you are ready to do your first sync and to view the data in your mobile app.

If you need help or any of our instructions are confusing, you are welcome to email or call us. We also offer a free remote installation service.

Your first sync

syncTo start the syncing process, click the “Sync now” button in the configuration program.

You can exit the configuration program if you wish. The sync will continue running in the background. After a few minutes, your data will start appearing in your Infusion Mobile web app. (This should take less than 5 minutes)

Viewing your data

Once your data has been uploaded, you can log in and starting using Infusion Mobile on your mobile device and/or home and office computers. Your unique web address and log in details were included in the email you received when you first signed up for Infusion Mobile. The login details are near the top of the email. An example is shown below

Password: (The password you entered when you signed up)

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password by using the "Forgotten Password" link on the log in page of your web app.

Once you have logged in, have a quick look at your Customer and Product lists. If they contain data, the sync process has worked well. If they do not contain any data (and you have waited 5 minutes), your may be having issues with your Windows Firewall. In this case, you can try some of our suggestions shown below or use our free installation service to resolve the issue.

Resolving issues

firewallInfusion Mobile requires port 3306, 80 and 21 to be open in your Windows Firewall. If these ports are not open, Infusion Mobile will not synchronize your data and your Infusion Mobile web app will remain empty.

If you have a network manager in your company, you may require their assistance to open the required ports. Unless you are using a hardware or software firewall, these ports are normally already open in Windows.

support 256If you have opened these ports and Infusion Mobile still does not sync, you may need one-on-one assistance from our help desk

Infusion Mobile writes a log of what it is reading and writing during the syncing process. This log file also records any errors that occur with your firewall. The log file can be used by us to quickly resolve your syncing issues. If we need your log file, we will send you detailed instructions after you have opened a support ticket.

What now?

Congratulations. You are all set to go!

You can start by setting up your users, and you can create Quotes, Orders / Invoices and Jobs.

Please let us know if you have any issues with the setup of your Infusion Mobile so we can you up and going straight away.