Accurate quotes and orders

Perfect Prices

Infusion Mobile uses the price rules from your Infusion software when it's preparing your estimates, quotes and orders. Your customers will always get the prices that you have negotiated with them.



Quantity Breaks, Discount Tables, Date Ranges and Contract Rates are all supported – and are applied automatically as you work.

You can optionally configure the software so that your reps can negotiate prices and over-ride the rate and discount percentages. Other reps can be configured so that they can only accept the rates generated by Infusion software. It's entirely up to you !


socket7Speed is important

Infusion Mobile has a wealth of features to help you prepare orders, quotes and estimates in a flash.

If your device supports bluetooth (most modern devices do), you can use a range of bluetooth barcode readers to zap items and quickly add them to the order.

Interactive searching allows you to add items by any part of the product description or code.



Repeat orders

Utilize the history from your accounting software to quickly prepare orders for your customers.

Infusion Mobile can prepare a list of the items your customer normally orders and you can quickly add the items to an active quote or order by using the plus and minus buttons. Tap the quantity to enter larger numbers and/or decimal quantities.

Do they need an item they haven’t ordered before? No problems. Jump to barcode, search or gallery mode to add extra items to the order.



Location Lookup

Quickly view the stock holding at your different warehouses.

Let your customers know where you have stock available, and if stock is on backorder or in transit. Being able to provide your customer with accurate shipping timeframes will make them happier and will result in more orders and realistic expectations.


email symbol

Emailed quotes and orders

Flexibility is the key when it comes to emailing quotes and orders.

Configure the software to send emails from your mobile device before you leave the customer, or to wait until it has been approved or processed in the office.


Other key benefits

Force sales reps to enter order numbers, enforce stop credit flags for overdue customers, accept payment at the time of ordering, prepare quotes for sales leads and enter order/quote comments on your mobile device. Infusion Mobile is designed to make quoting and ordering fast, efficient and accurate. You set the rules, and Infusion Mobile will make sure they are followed.