Infusion Software Support Options

Infusion Platinum and Certified Partners 

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Your Infusion Certified Partner or Accountant should be your first point of contact. They installed the software for you and they know your business. If you are unable to get hold of your certified Partner then our Help Desk is available to assist. Please note that calls and emails requesting assistance will be charged on the basis of time spent.

Infusion Software Maintenance Plan (SMP)

Infusion Business Software is supplied with a compulsory Software Maintenance Plan which provides you with all software updates and upgrades. Updates are generally released quarterly along with an annual software upgrade. These updates will contain a number of new features and enhancements along with new reports, updates and fixes for system bugs. The SMP covers software maintenance only and does not include helpdesk support.

The latest version of your software and all updates can be downloaded from the Support / Download Software section of this website. Please review the supplied release notes and instructions prior to installing any upgrade.

Infusion Software Maintenance and Support Plan(SMSP)

0900 SupportThe Infusion Software Maintenance and Support Plan is designed to provide End Users with a support AND maintenance solution. This option includes all software updates and upgrades. Telephone support is available on our 0800 line from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 7am to 1pm. After hours support is available via the 0900 Support Service.

In addition to the toll free telephone support, the plan provides End Users with remote access support via RDP or Infusion Remote Access along with email and fax support.

Calls are limited to 15 minutes / issue with a maximum of 1 hour / month.

Telephone support is designed to provide End Users with quick answers and to help them get the most out of your Infusion software. The SMSP does not cover:

-          Setup and support of hardware

-          Report alterations unless completed during a 15 minute call

-          Onsite support, travel and mileage

-          Training that extends beyond the 15 minute call

Download the Software Maintenance and Support Plan signup form from here.

 Infusion Software Support 0900 Service

0900 SupportAt Infusion Business Software we realise that there are times when you need a hand after hours. Not everyone gets to do their book work between 9am and 5pm. The 0900 service is available for all afterhours and weekend support. If you need a hand then please ring 0900 777 78. Calls will be charged at $2.95 per minute + GST (maximum 30 minutes / call).