Bronze Course 101 - Basics & Customers (Browser version)

27 Nov 2023 - 27 Nov 2023 , 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Infusion BRONZE Training

The BRONZE Level One training course is designed to give all users of the browser version of Infusion a good basic practical introduction to the software covering the correct method of set up and management of Customers, Suppliers, Products, Servicing and Jobs. The course also covers processing of daily transactions for Invoices, Quotes and Purchase Orders.

Support Contact Details 

  • Help Desk 
  • Email 
  • Help Manual 
  • Knowledge Base 
  • Remote Assistance  

INFUSION Navigation And Operation   

  • Menu Access  
  • Hot Keys / Quick Keys 
  • Searching   
  • Including Inactive Records 
  • The Side Panel 


  • New    
  • Customer Details  
  • Delivery  
  • Terms / Pricing   
  • Contacts  
  • E-Mail Links  
  • Layout Selection   
  • Custom Fields  
  • Notes  
  • Image   
  • Contract Rates or Special Pricing   
  • Documents  

Enquiry – Customers 

  • Customer Transactions  
  • Balances  
  • Outstanding  
  • Invoices  
  • Quotes 
  • Backorders  
  • Sale History  
  • Product History
  • Print Statement and Email Statement  

Processing Customer Invoices  

  • Invoice Header  
  • The Notes Tab   
  • The Account Balance Tab   
  • The Body of the Invoice  
  • How Can I Locate an Invoice?  
  • Receive payment 
  • Creating a Credit for an Individual Product  
  • Crediting or recharging an Entire Invoice  
  • Matching Invoices/Credit Notes  


Pricing & Venue




November 2023
Online (Browser)

The result has more than met our expectations providing an extremely fast system for our entire network that's easy to use, with streamlined data management and reporting in both directions ... and, most important of all, a facility that doesn't distract STIHL SHOP™ owners and staff from the customer in front of them.

Scott White, STIHL SHOP™, Group Manager Retail

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