Silver Course 201 - Customer Marketing

16 Nov 2022 - 16 Nov 2022 , 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Infusion SILVER Training

The SILVER Level Two training course builds on the standard set up and transactions processed in Bronze level one. Users will gain a better understanding of the importance of the system set up and the adoption of Best Business Practice Policies, to help with efficiencies across the business.

Contact Management

  • The Sales Person
  • Account Management
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Creating an Event in the Contact Management 
    • How does a Staff Member know about a Follow-up Event?
  • Reporting on Contact Management 
  • How can I use Contact Management for my Staff?


  • Credit Card Surcharge
  • Finance Charges
  • Credit Management

Electronic Marketing

  • Personalisation
  • Meeting Your Legal Obligations
  • Setting Up Your Customers
  • Setting up Your Products
  • Exporting Your Data
  • How Can We Use the Data?
  • To Use the Email Export with MailChimp
  • Further Refine the Schedule
  • CSV Files
  • Importing Data into Mailchimp – and beyond
  • Creating a List 
  • Creating a List – Notifications
  • Importing Your List 
  • Locate Your CSV File From the MailChimp Folder 
  • Match the Fields
  • Report on the Data Import 
  • Identify Issues with the Data
  • Uploading Templates
  • Customise the Template if Needed
  • Upload Pictures and Insert Links
  • Create Your Own Campaign
    • Your Campaign is now being Processed!
  • Performance Reporting

SMS Bulk Text Message


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November 2022 - Level 2 - Silver

It is very forgiving and easy to use for us non-accountants. [Our Certified Partner] took care of the flawless change- over and provided precise and accurate training and instruction in a friendly and professional way.

Peter L W Furley, Managing Director, JPB Furley & Co Ltd

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