Silver Course 201 - Customer Marketing

13 Jul 2022 - 13 Jul 2022 , 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM

Infusion SILVER Training

The SILVER Level Two training course builds on the standard set up and transactions processed in Bronze level one. Users will gain a better understanding of the importance of the system set up and the adoption of Best Business Practice Policies, to help with efficiencies across the business.

Contact Management

  • The Sales Person
  • Account Management
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Creating an Event in the Contact Management 
    • How does a Staff Member know about a Follow-up Event?
  • Reporting on Contact Management 
  • How can I use Contact Management for my Staff?


  • Credit Card Surcharge
  • Finance Charges
  • Credit Management

Electronic Marketing

  • Personalisation
  • Meeting Your Legal Obligations
  • Setting Up Your Customers
  • Setting up Your Products
  • Exporting Your Data
  • How Can We Use the Data?
  • To Use the Email Export with MailChimp
  • Further Refine the Schedule
  • CSV Files
  • Importing Data into Mailchimp – and beyond
  • Creating a List 
  • Creating a List – Notifications
  • Importing Your List 
  • Locate Your CSV File From the MailChimp Folder 
  • Match the Fields
  • Report on the Data Import 
  • Identify Issues with the Data
  • Uploading Templates
  • Customise the Template if Needed
  • Upload Pictures and Insert Links
  • Create Your Own Campaign
    • Your Campaign is now being Processed!
  • Performance Reporting

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July 2022 - Level 2 - Silver

The result has more than met our expectations providing an extremely fast system for our entire network that's easy to use, with streamlined data management and reporting in both directions ... and, most important of all, a facility that doesn't distract STIHL SHOP™ owners and staff from the customer in front of them.

Scott White, STIHL SHOP™, Group Manager Retail

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