Silver Course 203 - Advanced Record Management

20 Aug 2020 - 20 Aug 2020 , 3:15 PM – 4:45 PM

Infusion SILVER Training

The Silver Level Two training course builds on the standard set up and transactions processed in Bronze level one. Users will gain a better understanding of the importance of the system set up and the adoption of Best Business Practice Policies, to help with efficiencies across the business.


  • Aged Supplier Balances


  • 3 Years Profit and Loss

Bulk Supplier Payments by Direct Credit 

Analysis and Understanding

  • Why We Should Avoid Using a Misc or N/S Code?
  • Why We Should Avoid Using Cash Sales Account?

Deferred Payments - Customer Invoices

Refunding a Customer who has Overpaid

Goods Sold or Taken for Promotional Use

Duplicated Customers – How to Avoid This

Merging Customer Accounts

Deferred Supplier Payments

Supplier Pricebooks

  • Pricebook Setup
  • Importing and updating the Supplier Price File
  • The Import Routine
  • Importing a Supplier Price File
  • Managing the Price File Once it’s Imported
  • Why Use Supplier Pricebooks?
  • Using Products from the Price File
  • Using the Pricebook for Purchase Orders

Update Prices / Promotional Dates

  • Product Pricing Management
  • Latest vs Average Cost
  • Markup vs Margin
    • What is the Difference Between Margin and Markup?
    • Desired Margin / Cost of Goods
    • Reporting on Product Margins and Markups
    • Manual vs Product Mark-up Groups
    • Superseded Products

Updating the Product Code

Inactive Products

Product Ratios

Reviewing Product Set Up - Identifying Issues

Consignment Stock

  • We Have Been Offered a Range of Items to Sell on Consignment, How do We Set These Up?

How Do we Handle Items Supplied Free of Charge?

Purchase Order – Auto Order Based on  Sales

Purchase Order  - Auto Order based on Min Max

Returning A Product To Our Supplier 

Invoicing a Kitset 

Invoice with a Product Buildup  

Pricing & Venue




August - Level 2 - Silver

We are constantly ‘finding’ functions within Infusion that make our accounting life a breeze and have taken full advantage of courses run by [our Certified Partner] to improve our knowledge of the system.

— Barbara, KINGS Seeds

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