Silver Course 202 - Reporting

20 Aug 2020 - 20 Aug 2020 , 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Infusion SILVER Training

The Silver Level Two training course builds on the standard set up and transactions processed in Bronze level one. Users will gain a better understanding of the importance of the system set up and the adoption of Best Business Practice Policies, to help with efficiencies across the business.

Sales Analysis Reporting

  • Customer Sales Analysis Reports
  • Sales Analysis – Date Range
    • Editing an Invoice
  • Analysing Sales Trends over a Period
  • Sales by Dual Date Range
  • Sales by Preferred Supplier
  • Sales: Existing vs New Customers

Product Sales Analysis

  • Product Sales 12 Months
  • Top Bottom Products
  • Product Daily Unit Sales
  • Product Purchases and Sales

Management Console

Charts , Graphs and KPI Reports

  • Viewing the Charts


  • My Location 2 Years Sales
  • My Location Last 52 Weeks Sales


  • Aged Customer Balances
  • Average Customer Days to Pay
  • Two Years Sales by Customer Type / Group
  • Required Data Maintenance
  • Required Data Maintenance for New Customer Reports
  • New Customers 12 Month Comparison
  • New Customers by Rep per Month
  • New Customers added per Week


  • 2 Years Sales by Product Type / Group Sales & Quantity

Jobs / Service

  • 2 Years Jobs Sales by Location


  • 2 Years Sales/Gross Profit by Rep
  • 2 Years Sales / Target Select by Rep


  • Sales Dials
  • Sales by the Hour 
  • 12 Months Sales Comparison with Target
  • 12 Months Sales Mix


Pricing & Venue




August - Level 2 - Silver

We are constantly ‘finding’ functions within Infusion that make our accounting life a breeze and have taken full advantage of courses run by [our Certified Partner] to improve our knowledge of the system.

— Barbara, KINGS Seeds

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