Infusion Business Software - Gold Course

21 Aug 2020 - 21 Aug 2020 , 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Infusion GOLD Training

The GOLD Training course is designed for administration staff, business owners and managers. The course builds on the processing of transactions and information in the previous BRONZE and SILVER courses.

The course covers the key Administration, Cashbook and Financials sections of the software providing users with the knowledge to read and understand the key financial reports.

The course is a practical course covering a wide range of “Practical What if?” situations.

In addition to the Cashbook / Financials, the course also covers advanced set up and configuration of the system together with Stocktake, Management and Reporting.

The aim of the course is to teach staff, owners and managers how to prepare and review timely monthly financial and Management Reports and send the completed data to the accountant at the end of the year.



    Understanding the Chart of Accounts
    Transaction Journals
    Budget Maintenance and Reporting
    Cash Flow Forecasting
    Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Reporting
    Sending  Data to the Accountant


    Payments Receipts and Bank Transfers
    POS Cash up Balancing and Variances
    Customer Payments and Daily Banking
    Direct Credits
    Downloading Transactions from the Bank
    Bank Reconciliation
    GST Reconciliation


    Preparing and processing regular rolling stocktakes
    Year End Stocktake
    Bin Locations
    Investigation of Product Variances
    Stocktake Scanning to improve accuracy and efficiency

Advanced Administration

    System Reports
    Reindex Data Files
    Import Routines
    Other Functions including Audit Trail
    Layout Changes and Basic Report Writer
    Manage Menu Groups
    Staff Security Management

Month and Year End Processing

    Processing and Reporting for the End of each Month
    Providing your accountant with timely accurate information

System Defaults and Settings

    Defaults, Settings and Configuration Menus - Turning Features and Functions On and Off.

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Novotel Ellerslie

It is very forgiving and easy to use for us non-accountants. [Our Certified Partner] took care of the flawless change- over and provided precise and accurate training and instruction in a friendly and professional way.

— Peter L W Furley, Managing Director, JPB Furley & Co Ltd

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