The SMS Text message facility in Infusion Business Software allows you to create and send texts to your Customers.

SMS Pricing:  View SMS Global pricing 

SMS Services are provided by SMS Global and will be charged directly by SMS Global at the rate of 9 cents per message

The SMS Option is already built into your software, so complete the SMS Request form below to activate it now.

Once the Request form has been processed and your account has been activated you will receive an email with your account details from SMS Global.View our SMS Setup Instructions.

Conditions of the SMS

  1. All prices are quoted in New Zealand dollars and exclude GST.
  2. Messages are deemed to have been delivered when we have delivered or sent the messages to the immediate destination that our software is programmed for, including SMTP servers, mobile telephone networks, or any other intermediary server or API that is deemed to be the point of dispatch of the message.
  3. Please note that, although we focus on providing extensive coverage aggregation services, third-party network providers may choose from time to time to not be part of our networks or the networks of our service providers. This may result in messages not being delivered.
  4. All messages replied to are sent as an email to the nominated Email Address, not your cell phone.

Infusion has allowed us to manage and monitor all our customers and products effectively. We have a large number of charge accounts for regular customers for both retail and workshop jobs.

We love the fact that Infusion provides such a comprehensive system.

— Teresa Cook, Director, Easts Outdoor Work & Leisure

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