Infusion Fundamentals

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Subscription Price
$35.00 +GST
per user per month
Subscription Price
$75.00 +GST
per user per month (including hosting)
Support Plan option cost - an additional $10 + GST / user / month


Infusion Fundamentals is the accounting software solution to manage your business more effectively, taking care of the small things so you can focus on the big. 

It is specifically designed for businesses that don't require the Suppliers and Purchase Orders  modules and allows you to get on with the day-to-day running of your business without being tied up in compliance and bookkeeping issues.

This package is ideally suited to smaller sized companies wanting high quality business management software, but without the features dealing with handling suppliers and purchase orders. These modules can easily be added at any time by upgrading to the Professional.

Fundamentals comes with the five most essential modules: Customers, Financials, Staff, Cashbook and Products.


The Customers module allows for a database of unlimited customers through which you can improve your ability to handle client invoices and quotes. It gives you various ways to stay in touch with your Customers through newsletters, SMS, email and a Contact Management module. It also allows you to create customer-specific layouts for Invoices and Statements; handle Recurring Charges, Customer Rates, and Backorders; and even carry out Marketing and Surveys.


The Financial module allows you to understand and keep in touch with the financial position of your business and make strategic decisions to improve it. This module comes with a date sensitive ledger system that allows you to have up to four financial years open at all times. You can easily produce periodic Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Budget reports all with the click of a mouse.

Financials also allows you to send all this information directly to your accountant, making the end of the financial year hassle-free.


The Staff module means you control who can use the software and what they can do with it. Unlimited staff profiles with password log-ins and varying levels of restricted access makes using Infusion software across your business simple and effective.


The Cashbook module makes handling the day-to-day financing of your business as easy as possible. Integration with an unlimited number of bank accounts means making payments through Cashbook is a breeze. It also allows you to import transactions directly from your internet banking so as to save time on manual entry.

This module allows for quick bank reconciliation and GST invoice and payment support along  with the ability to process Supplier direct credit payments.


The Products module allows you to manage an unlimited number of products, including setup of  eight selling prices and two cost prices. Options include Serial Tracking, Kitsets, Promotional Pricing and Quantity Breaks. This module also has features like customisable barcode printing, stocktaking and the ability to create a product catalogue with images.


Core Modules Included

  • Financials
    Date sensitive ledger system; extensive, multi-level reporting...
  • Staff
    Multiple security levels and permissions; options to restrict billing access...
  • Cashbook
    Unlimited bank accounts; import direct from Internet banking...
  • Customers
    Invoicing; quotes; customer specific layouts and documents...
  • Products
    Products; Stocktakes; Multiple Locations; Kitsets; Multiple Suppliers; Serial Numbers......
  • Letters
    Mail merge with contacts; customer based accounts letters; activity log...
  • Address Verification
    The Address Verfification service allows online lookup of addresses being entered into Infusion.
  • Point of Sale
    Add the functionality of a Point of Sale lane to your existing Infusion software