Easily manage staff wages, leave, tax and your employee records, with this complete payroll system.

Simply log in to the secure and confidential payroll website and follow the easy steps to streamline all of your payroll processing. Your system can be viewed and managed at any time, from anywhere, on any device, with no backups or upgrades to keep track of.

 iPayroll offers a comprehensive reporting suite, with over 50 reports available, including financial, HR, leave, tax, history, and payroll reports. You can also set up Timelogs, where employees can record their hours and time codes online, which can then be viewed, approved and accepted into the payroll. 

With an Employee Payslip Kiosk, employees are also able to apply for leave online, as well as access their pay slips and payment summaries, making it very user-friendly. We can also set up multiple levels of user access, according to each employee’s role in the payroll process. 

iPayroll also ensures you stay compliant, as the system is always up-to-date with current legislation. This makes it easy to calculate and manage all deductions plus complete IR filing in accordance with payday filing requirements. 

iPayroll allows for a financial transaction export that can be imported into Infusion software.

Free unlimited helpdesk support is available with payroll experts, at no extra fee.


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