Making use of capable management software

Every business leader, whether they're in charge of a small company or large organisation, will understand the difficulties that come along with managing financials, customers and staff on a daily basis.

Thankfully, modern solutions don't take months to deploy – they can be put in place as soon as they're required. We're talking about powerful, effective software.

Such tools may be something businesses will want to consider, especially as the New Zealand government is pushing ahead with adoption.

New Zealand government turning to capable software

Recently, Revenue Minister Todd McClay announced that Inland Revenue was proceeding with the adoption of a new system, one designed to simplify the tax system for the country. Chiefly, he explained, this new project will enable the government to better support flourishing businesses by making tax compliance a "less costly and time consuming" process.

"An increasing number of New Zealand companies are also involved in critical components of the transformation process," he explained. "The sheer scale and importance of this programme means we will source expertise both locally and internationally."

While this solution will undoubtedly prove useful over the long term for both the government and New Zealand businesses, what can smaller organisations turn to with regards to software?

The tools available

There are multiple solutions available, centred around different requirements. In most cases, leaders will want to think about their exact requirements. Below are two useful types of software, and where they're useful within a company.

Accounting: Financial software designed for managing the accounts, cashbook and GST side of the business. Capable software should allow the company to import transactions from the bank and code them to the general ledger. Production of financial reports is another key feature.

Business management: Designed for small-and-medium-sized businesses, this is software that can simplify customer, supplier and cashbook management. It can prove useful for everything from stock takes through to day-to-day financial management. With the right software, business leaders can also effect better security.

Given the challenges involved in running a modern business, large or small, capable business management and financial software can go a long way. It could be time to consider taking advantage of a new and easily deployable solution.

With the New Zealand government surging ahead with the adoption of a powerful new management system, it should serve as a reminder for local organisations as to the value of adept software.