How tech savvy is your business?

Technology has come to play an important role in businesses across the globe, whether it's staff using mobile devices to stay in touch, or perhaps a retail organisation making use of management software to stay on top of suppliers, customers and products.

The wheels of progress never stop turning, however, and that's why it's important to constantly ask yourself: how tech savvy is your business?

Is your website up to scratch?

According to Statistic Brain, 45 per cent of small businesses in 2009 had a website, and this climbed to 53 in 2014. What's more, 37 per cent of smartphone users had purchased an item using an m-commerce (mobile commerce) system. Just 8.8 per cent of retailers had actually installed these systems.

A substantial 41 per cent of companies said a website wasn't currently needed, and 19 per cent cited cost as the primary reason not to put a system in place.

These statistics serve two purposes: both to show that more businesses are starting to use websites and that there's a significant missed opportunity for companies without the right systems in place.

Going mobile

Aside from websites, what else do businesses need to consider in the digital age? For one, the growing trend of mobile devices in the workplace. That is, smartphones, tablets and even ultra portable computers.

It's going to be important to start taking advantage of mobile devices sooner rather than later, given increasing competition. The Ericsson Mobility Report explored the growing numbers of connected devices, stating that by 2020, 70 per cent of the global population will be using a smartphone.

Furthermore, 85 per cent of all phone subscriptions will be mobile broadband by the end of 2020, showing a marked increase in the use of mobile internet. This isn't altogether surprising, as many companies can take full advantage of internet outside of the office, for staying in touch with clients and checking in with colleagues.

Technology won't stop for any business, so it's a good idea for companies to start thinking about the benefits of strengthening websites and going mobile. Companies will also need to constantly keep looking ahead at the latest advances.

For companies planning to take on new technologies to process information more effectively, whether it's financial data or even product information, acapable business management system could be in order.