Construction growth highlights need for right tools

The New Zealand real estate market is booming, meaning substantial construction of new homes and expansions across the country.

This is according to a recent report from Statistics New Zealand, which explained that construction activity expanded during the first three months of the year. House-building efforts grew for the second quarter.

"Overall, the value of both residential and non-residential building work increased," Business Indicators Manager Neil Kelly explained.

"Residential building work increased mainly in Auckland and Canterbury, but non-residential building work chiefly increased in the South Island."

The volume across all building (commercial and residential) rose 1 per cent in the three months ending March 31, and the value of work increasing 2.5 per cent. Both of these figures are seasonally adjusted.

National Business Review explored the ANZ Business Outlook, explaining that it showed a split between the investment intentions of firms, with growing expectations for more investment in residential construction as well as a declining outlook for the intentions of commercial constriction.

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