“Deciding to install a completely new accounting and POS system was a big step for our small but many faceted company. As we had never used a POS system before, it was a big job bringing all our products, suppliers and customers into Infusion but we had excellent training which helped make the task less daunting, and once we got to grips with the way it all worked, we have never looked back.

“Infusion has allowed us to manage and monitor all our customers and products effectively. We have a large number of charge accounts for regular customers for both retail and workshop jobs.

“We love the fact that Infusion provides such a comprehensive system.”

Teresa Cook, Director, Easts Outdoor Work & Leisure

“Breen Plumbing has been using Infusion Elite software package since 2009.

“We were looking for a programme that would incorporate our need for using Job Costing, Accounting, Invoicing, Cashbook and Stock management modules that were interlinked.

“Infusion has ticked all our boxes and we would enthusiastically recommend Infusion to other Plumbing or Service Industry firms.”

Raewyn Millington, Breen Plumbing Ltd (Master Plumber of the Year 2011)

“With the phenomenal growth of our 60 STIHL SHOP™ Outdoor Power Equipment stores throughout New Zealand and our commitment to expert servicing and sales skills, but on a much larger scale, the introduction of a customised IT platform became a necessity.

“After a robust selection process, based on an equal weighting of product and company culture, Infusion Software proved themselves to be head and shoulders above their competition. Not only was the company conveniently based in New Zealand, it was flexible, smart and had an outstanding track record of proven success.

“The technology developed by Infusion ticked all our boxes when it came to functionality and user requirements which enables individual stores to manage their customers, servicing, ordering, financials, sales and reporting functions within one system. “The result has more than met our expectations providing an extremely fast system for our entire network that's easy to use, with streamlined data management and reporting in both directions ... and, most important of all, a facility that doesn't distract STIHL SHOPTM owners and staff from the customer in front of them”

Scott White, STIHL SHOPTM, Group Manager Retail

“We have been using a computerised Accounting package since 2004 and upgraded to Infusion in 2006 with no regrets. It's a great package with the reliable support of our Certified Partner."

“We are constantly ‘finding’ functions within Infusion that make our accounting life a breeze and have taken full advantage of courses run by [our Certified Partner] to improve our knowledge of the system. Even when we have experienced difficulties, Cathleen and her team are quick to assist and we have a wonderful working relationship with them.”

Barbara, KINGS Seeds

“We installed Infusion Professional in May & CO. 2010 replacing a complicated fully integrated system that was costing a fortune to have a consultant maintain for us. One of our main requirements was a reliable and easy serial number tracking system along with fully integrated debtors, creditors and stock systems. Infusion Professional provides this at a fraction of the cost of the other software."

“It is very forgiving and easy to use for us non-accountants. [Our Certified Partner] took care of the flawless change- over and provided precise and accurate training and instruction in a friendly and professional way.

“Any small questions we might have are usually handled ‘on the spot’ or with a prompt site visit that day. In fact, there would not be a week pass that we do not comment what a great and easy system Infusion Professional is to use.”

Peter L W Furley, Managing Director, JPB Furley & Co Ltd