Infusion Elite - a fully integrated software solution for the Trades, Manufacturing, Servicing industries. Functionality includes Cashbook, Financials, Customers, Suppliers, Products, Jobs, Scheduling, Customer Item Management, Fixed Assets, Staff, Marketing, Point of Sale. Multi User Fully Networked.

$85 /month/User

Infusion Professional is the ideal solution to manage your business. It comes with a range of comprehensive tools and features that will make running your business easier. It includes Cashbook / Financials, Customers, Suppliers, Products, Staff, Marketing, Point of Sale - Multi User, Fully networked.

$50 /month/User

Infusion Fundamentals has been specifically designed for the small business owner who may not have the need to manage their Suppliers. In the retail environment it can be used in a single or multi-lane environment with live integration to the back office, integrated EFTPOS, Cashbook, Financials, Customers, Products, Staff, Marketing, Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program - fully networked, easy to use,

$35 /month/User

It's easy to mobilize your Infusion business software. With Infusion Mobile your accounting software is accessible everywhere. Track time as you work, lookup Customers, process Invoices and Quotes all from your mobile device.

$39.95 /month/User

Infusion run training courses - three levels: BRONZE, SILVER AND GOLD. Learn how to get the best from your system. Each course is a full day taught in a practical classroom environment with laptops and all training material supplied. Enroll now from our Events menu.


Infusion Web Store offers you a fast set-up, ecommerce solution that is fully integrated with your Infusion Accounting Software

$250 Per Month