Infusion Retailer

Provides the essentials for a retail environment


Infusion Retailer provides the essentials for a retail environment from a single to 25 Lanes. Track and manage your Customers, their spending and purchasing habits. The POS Lane provides a user friendly solution allowing for sales to be processed quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the Customer and POS functionality Infusion Retailer includes a complete Inventory management system, a Cashbook and General Ledger system.

Offer your Customers Promotional Prices, Newsletter Specials, Quantity Break Pricing or a Loyalty Scheme

  • simple and easy to use
  • supports multiple user deined payment methods including cash, cheque, EFTPOS and charge accounts
  • live processing, track serial numbers, predictive orders
  • security and cash up reporting, support for receipt printers, barcode scanners, cash drawers and pole displays
  • single or multi lane, secure Staff log on, multiple bank accounts
  • Credit Limits and Stop Credit status, Held and Pending sales
  • Customer and Product prompts

$795.00 +GST

For single user. $395.00 +GST per additional user

Software Maintenance Plan Fee
$32.92 +GST per Month

Support Plan Fee
$77.92 +GST per Month

Rental Single User
$55.00 +GST per Month

Rental Per Additional User
$22.00 +GST per additional user

Core Modules Included

  • Customers
    Invoicing; quotes; customer specific layouts and documents...
  • Financials
    Date sensitive ledger system; extensive, multi-level reporting...
  • Staff
    Multiple security levels and permissions; options to restrict billing access...
  • Cashbook
    Unlimited bank accounts; import direct from Internet banking...
  • Letters
    Mail merge with contacts; customer based accounts letters; activity log...
  • Products
    Products; Stocktakes; Multiple Locations; Kitsets; Multiple Suppliers; Serial Numbers......
  • Point of Sale