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Your integrated business accounting solution with job management.

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Infusion Elite provides businesses with completely integrated business management software solutions, designed specifically to simplify customer, supplier and cashbook management. With a variety of useful modules, the functionality is far-reaching.

It's designed for small and medium-sized businesses that require a capable piece of accounting software able to handle a number of tasks. This is accomplished by utilising the core modules found in the Fundamentals package, and adding on several more.

This solution is tailored to the accounting needs of businesses based in New Zealand, and can be used to manage everything from financials through to stock takes.

  • Customers - Allows easier client invoice and quote management.
  • Financials - Multi-level financial software reporting keeps you up to date.
  • Staff - Options to restrict billing access means improved security.
  • Cashbook - Managing accounts is easy, and importing from internet banking simplifies the process.
  • Products - This module can handle stock takes, multiple locations and multiple suppliers.

In addition to the five modules listed above, Elite includes three more:


Managing suppliers can be made significantly easier with this module, which allows you to create purchase orders with unlimited suppliers. Essentially, you're able to assign multiple suppliers per product. This module can also retain supplier documents in a single location, to make referrals as seamless as possible.

Electronic payment banking, extensive purchase analysis reporting and auto-ordering of products based on minimum and maximum stock levels helps to round out the excellent features.

Job management

The job management module can simplify a usually convoluted process. It's able to both create and manage jobs, allocate products, labour and disbursements and track jobs by status and type.

Reporting is also a focus, with staff and job performance reports, budget performance reporting and work-in-progress reporting making it easy to assess the current status of jobs.


Letters play an important role in business communication, and this module helps to manage some of the more common issues. It features user-created letters, the ability to merge mail with customers and suppliers and email and print options.

If required, you can view the audit log to track letters that have already been sent.

$2,195.00 +GST

For single user. $395.00 +GST per additional user

Software Maintenance Plan Fee
$41.25 +GST per Month

Support Plan Fee
$96.25 +GST per Month

Rental Single User
$125.00 +GST per Month

Rental Per Additional User
$15.00 +GST per additional user

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Core Modules Included

  • Customers
    Invoicing; quotes; customer specific layouts and documents...
  • Financials
    Date sensitive ledger system; extensive, multi-level reporting...
  • Staff
    Multiple security levels and permissions; options to restrict billing access...
  • Cashbook
    Unlimited bank accounts; import direct from Internet banking...
  • Suppliers / POs
    Multiple suppliers per product; Purchase orders; landed, latest, ave, costs...
  • Letters
    Mail merge with contacts; customer based accounts letters; activity log...
  • Job Management
    Create and manage jobs, allocate labour, products, disbursements, track jobs...
  • Products
    Products; Stocktakes; Multiple Locations; Kitsets; Multiple Suppliers; Serial Numbers......